Zpider eShop v13.0


  • .Net Framework 4.8 is now required
  • All themes are now using theme.json to reference js and CSS
  • The upgrade process is vastly improved
  • Updated preview admin with dashboard and general configuration.
  • New and updated web editor for themes and templates
  • Use event listeners to hook into events in Zpider and do things like validation
  • Check out as guests can now be enabled. The current guest user is then used to place the order in ERP.
  • Password hashing is now done using BCrypt. Existing users are converted upon login.
  • Database service to query the ERP database directly from Zpider. Can use HTX function SqlQuery if enabled.
  • Unit conversion can now be enabled (using QuantityPerUnitSale for Visma Global)
  • Guest User Cache - The guest user and customer can be reused as read-only for all guests. This has a huge impact on installations with a lot of traffic as Zpider will effectively stop crashing.

Fixed issues

  • The upgrade process no longer overwrites database config files
  • During the upgrade it would reset the client id in the configuration, and ruin any custom configuration to a copied client.
  • The upgrade process timeout is increased
  • If a customer was unable to be exported to Zpider due to a duplicate login id they might end up in a loop getting an email with a new username and password every day. No more.
  • StockIncChanges can now be used in the shopping cart as well
  • Importing customers can now be restricted to a set of import profiles. Useful if you are running multiple installations on the same ERP client.
  • Email validation in admin is updated
  • VAF logging is improved for Visma Global.
  • On WebUser the CompanyName is now an alias for Name to avoid browser autocomplete and utilize Brønnøysund lookup.
  • The length of ZpiderOrder.CreditCardTransactionId is extended to 50
  • Lazy load server version and web server version instead of upon logon
  • Correctly dispose of SQL connections
  • An XSS issue is fixed
  • The PersistentCache is rewritten to be more performant
  • Show window would break if a group contained an invalid character
  • Each Zpider application will now get a numbered application pool name
  • Values on a customer, orders, etc can now be set to 0 if needed.
  • DefaultUriProvider now handles only having the gid passed to it. This means that <z:url gid=[groupnumber]/> now works correctly without adding a plugin.
  • The timeout in forgotten password is increased from 3 to 30 seconds.
  • Cultures in emails are now validated so that only activated cultures are used for a new user during import.
  • Bug in plugin installer in chrome

HTX templates

  • HTX can now be extended with custom functions
  • $z:value[support.rawurl] returns the current url

New Plugins

  • Zpider Cloud - Unleash the power of WordPress CMS in Zpider
  • AXIA Frakt for tracking orders sent with AXIA Frakt
  • Plankjøp with the option to exclude products
  • Google Merchant Feed
  • CreditSafe - Credit check customers when they register
  • Nets Callback for allowing Nets to push completed orders to Zpider
  • Matinfo - fetch product information from Matinfo using EPD or GTIN.
  • Redirect - add redirects for old URLs to new ones using URLs, products, or groups as references.
  • Trustpilot
  • SendMail - HTX plugin for sending emails from Zpider
  • SqlQuery - HTX plugin for querying the ERP from Zpider

Fixed Plugin issues

  • Image Upload: Improved resize performance
  • Image Upload: Set CDN settings globally for all product images
  • Advanced search: Change to AND search
  • Advanced search: Allow multi-select of facets within the same group
  • Advanced search: Now falls back to ordinary search and product list if Lucene is not done with the initial indexing yet.
  • Klarna Checkout: Allow multiple configurations for different web users and allow switching between the web users.
  • Google Tag Manager: Now reporting total prices inc. vat.


Zpider eShop v13.0