Zpider eShop v12.0


  • ZeroCool is the new default layout in Zpider. It's a modern layout supporting all the new features of Zpider.
  • There's a new admin for plugins and templates.
  • Templates can now be modified directly in the browser, including css and js with live reloading. The template editor has full HTX autocomplete support.
  • Automatic bundling of css and js
  • Plugins! We now have plugin support in Zpider. See list of plugins below.
  • Checkout as Guest (Set <DirectOrder>true</DirectOrder> in eShop.custom.config)
  • Documents now support languages
  • Language support directly in the text editor
  • DefaultDeliveryDays can now be set in GeneralConfiguration in custom config. There's also an option to not deliver on weekends.
  • Requires at least Windows Server 2012 R2 and .Net Framework 4.8

Fixed issues

  • Fusion service thread pool starvation and many memory leaks are fixed
  • The PersistentCache is improved and the core functionality is rewritten
  • Huge improvements to the grouplist and menuitem handling. In one instance we saw the render of the grouplist go from 2000ms to 60ms.
  • Global Integration: If the user is a contact the correct values for ContactNoInvoice and NameContactNoInvoice will be set on ZpiderOrder
  • WebAttributes with format DefaultDate now supports HTML5 date inputs
  • If a date property was set to empty or null on ZpiderOrder it would throw an error
  • During upgrade the SMTP username and password would be lost
  • If the disk ran out of space the Fusion Service would not start because of corrupted message files
  • If the current payment method is not supported the first available will be selected (think invoice is not available, but credit card is)

HTX templates

There's additions to the template system in this version.



Use this to format a value (or multiple values). You can have multiple values by naming them value1, value2 etc.

<z:write format="{0:00}" value=1.029>
## prints 1.03


Use this to transform the string to uppercase, lowercase, ucfirst or ucwords

<z:write value="this was lowercase" transform="ucwords">
## prints This Was Lowercase


If set to "true" or "t" it will trim the output.


The prepare tag now supports pagesize so that pagination can be initialized without running <z:foreach over a dataclass.

If the filter-attribute is provided but empty it will be skipped. This is convenient if a session variable might be set for filtering products.


You can now use <z:meta property="og:description">Open graph description</z:meta> to set open graph meta tags. The meta tag now supports all values for name, and these will be set in the header.


The url tag is now using the IUrlProvider under the covers.


All parameters set on the include tag will be available or override the $z:config[attr] in the included template.

## template/module a:
<z:include module="b" some_attr="test" />
## template/module b:
this will say "test": $z:config[some_attr]

In addition if you try to include a control that fails or does not exist it will return an error-box for administrator and empty for a user.


This allows access to installed plugins. Use $z:plugin[name.enabled] eq "T" to check if a plugin is installed.

Other properties will execute T GetProperty(string name) on the class inheriting from ZpiderPlugin.


The text entity will no longer return ?TXT_NAME? etc if a text is missing unless you are admin.

Support dataclass extended

The support dataclass ($z:value[support...]) has been extended with the following values

  • ShowWindowRows
  • ShowWindowColumns
  • IntermediateGroupAdd
  • SubGroupAdd
  • CurrentCulture
  • CurrentCultureName
  • CurrentCulturePhoneCode
  • DirectOrder (Current user is guest and DirectOrder is enabled)
  • IsGuestUser
  • OpenWebshop
  • RawUrl (Current request RawUrl)

HomePage now returns the HomePage relative to the application path.

HTX in general

There's been some issues relating to nullvalues and exceptions, and these are taken care of.

If you need to force credit card payment only you can set OnlyCreditCardAsPayment to true on the session-scope.

<z:set scope="session" name="OnlyCreditCardAsPayment">true</z:set>


These are plugins that are available for Zpider. Most are paid and requires a license.

  • AgentLogin
  • API JwtAuthentication
  • API Swagger
  • Clerk.io - Powerful recommendations using AI
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Image Upload (drag'n'drop)
  • Punch Out (OCI)
  • Klarna Checkout (Payment)
  • Product Info editor
  • Search (Advanced search using Lucene.net)
  • Sitemap
  • Sleeknote
  • Spellchecker (when searcing)
  • UnitSupport (For Visma Global)
  • UrlRewrite (New, fancy seo urls)
  • UrlRewriteClassic (Like the default in v10)


You can check what patch version you are running by logging in as administrator and checking in the upper right corner.

2020-05-04v12.0.417Fixed missing templates for updatenewuser and fixed issue with NordicCool when using ZpiderHeader. NordicCool and ResponsiveCool are now defined using theme.json. Minor fixes for plugins Unit Support and Klarna Checkout.
2020-04-30v12.0.411Initial release v12.


Zpider eShop v12.0


A huge thanks to Markus at Tigerton AB for helping out with the design. He can help you out if you need custom layout as well!