Install plugin SendMail using the new admin.

subjectSubjectThis is required
toRecipientIf not provided it will use the SenderEmail for the store
fromSenderIf not provided it will use the SenderEmail for the store
fromnameSender NameIf not provided it will use the SenderName for the store
plaintexttrue/false if the email is plain text
attachmentsFiles to send with the emailA comma separated list of attachments to add to the email. Location relative to the web server.
replytoReply To

For To, ReplyTo and Attachments you can use ",", " " and ";" to set the field to a list of emails.

Example usage

This example will send a copy of the mailorderhtml to someone.

<z:sendmail to="[email protected]" subject="This is a copy of the confirmation">'
Here's a copy of the order confirmation.
<z:include module="MAILORDERHTML">

Another example

This is typically added to updatenewuser to send an email to the back office when a new customer is registered in the shop.

Since to is not defined here it will send the email to the configured SenderEmail in Zpider.

<z:set scope="page" name="mail_subject">[NY KUNDE] $z:value[] ($z:value[newuser.companynumber])</z:set>
<z:sendmail subject=$z:get[page.mail_subject] plaintext="true">
$z:value[] har akkurat registrert seg i butikken.
$z:value[newuser.zipcode] $z:value[]
Organisasjonsnummer: $z:value[newuser.companynumber]
Telefon: $z:value[]
Google Maps:<z:esc mode="url" value=$z:value[newuser.address1]>,%20<z:esc mode="url" value=$z:value[newuser.zipcode]>%20<z:esc mode="url" value=$z:value[]>.
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